Adrian Pinington (Chief Executive)

Adrian is a qualified actuary with over 25 years experience in the management of Life Protection products. For over 9 years he worked in the London Life Reinsurance market. “Technology is continually advancing and in recent years the advances have been such that the tools to develop robust systems for analysis of claim and lapse incidence is now well within the reach of reasonably skilled, technical actuaries.”


TSAP enjoys the support of experienced professionals – working to deliver solutions in a cost effective manner focussed on quality and ever important delivery time scales agreed for each and every assignment TSAP take on.

Michael Birbeck (Project Manager Consultant)

Mike is a Project Manager with over 17 years in the IT industry. He is a Prince 2 Certified Practitioner as well as being ISEB Software Testing certified. He was educated at the University of Cape Town where he majored in Law. He has experience of complex application development, packaged and infrastructure varying from small to large projects spanning large organizations with multiple groups of stakeholders. He has worked as Vice President for Chase Manhattan Fiduciary Services, covering IT and business support.

Amanda Jones (Actuarial Consultant)

Amanda is a qualified actuary with over 10 years experience in the Life Consultancy and Reinsurance areas. As well as being a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, she also has a Masters in Occupational Psychology. By combining the hard analytic skills of an actuary with the softer people skills of a psychologist, she is able to find comprehensive solutions to your business needs.